Discoloration of skin:- Leucoderma is the area of skin, which has lost its colour, when it occurs without any preceding disease it is called vitiligo. Sometimes it follows burns & injuries. Some women develop it after the use of stick on ‘Bindis’ and after wearing plastic footwear. This loss of colour is due to some chemicals present in the plastics.
Patches of leucoderma can be of variable sizes & shapes. They can occur just about anywhere on the body. In fair individuals, leucoderma often goes unnoticed, but on dark skinned people it can be very visible and causes severe embarrassment. Leucoderma does not cause any health problems it is not contagious or dangerous at all. There are a number of misconceptions regarding the availability of treatment for leucoderma.
With unani herbals, there is actually plenty of hope for vitiligo leucoderma patients. The results with our treatment are excellent. They are more excellent if the treatment is taken early. The patches of leucoderma which occur in areas of the skin which are naturally hairless, like the palms and soles, take long to improve.
Darkening of skin:- Pigmentation of the skin can be due to a variety of causes. The commonest is the darkening of the forehead, cheeks & chin occurring in chloasma. Chlosama most often occurs in women during pregnancy or in those who are taking birth control pills. It may sometimes also affect men.
The second type of pigmentation is freckling, a problem which is inherited. It is more commonly seen in fair individuals, particularly in those with red hair & blue eyes- so it is common in European & America countries.
Both chloasma & freckling can be treated successfully with unani herbal medications.
The third type of pigmentation is the darkening seen under the eye- these are also cured by natural herbal applications.
Infections: -
Boils:- Boils are bacterial infections of the skin.
They are very painful and if they appear in crops, they may be accompanied by fever. Some people have a tendency to develop boils. If you have been getting crops of boils repeatedly, it is worth while to get your blood sugar tested your boil may well be a sign of diabetes.
It is better to have herbal medicines rather than “Antibiotics” to treat boils.
Fungal infections:- Several species of fungi attack the human skin in a variety of ways. The marks of one type fungal infections of the skin are ring shaped hence the common name, ringworm. Another type of fungus causes light coloured spots on the skin this is called pityriasis versicoles.
The groin is the site most commonly affected with ringworm. In women the waist, is frequently involved. In children, ringworm can cause baldness of the scalp & this problem is quite contagious. On the feet, fungi cause athlete’s foot. There is scaling, itching and maceration in between the toes. Fungi can also affect the nails.
It is better to treat them by herbal medications than synthetic & chemical oriented ointments.
Warts:- A wart is a very common problem. At any one point, 10% of the population will have a wart or two on their bodies. Warts are caused by viruses. They are infections and affect children most frequently. Some times the warts will be very inconvenient, or particularly embarrassing or painful or spreading rapidly.Warts on the feet tend to be painful because they get trodden on.
Unani medication is safe & effective for the treatment of warts.
Cold sores:- Cold sores occur most commonly on the lips, though they can develop on any part of the body. They are the result of a virus herpes simplex. In adults this virus, sometimes, also affects the genitalia. This type of infection is spread by sexual intercourse and forms one of the many sexually transmitted disease. The virus of cold sores generally lies dormant in the body, but can be activated by colds, fevers, stressful conditions, emotional upheavals or any serious illness. It is best to avoid intimate contact with an individual who is having an attack of herpes.
Scabies:- Few diseases carry so much social stigma as scabies. Most people openly express resentment when they are told that their itching is due to scabies. Actually any body can get scabies- the disease is caused by a mite, which is no respecter of social status. It is a highly contagious disease. Scabies is passed on from one person to another through intimate contact, infected bedding and cloths or by sharing a bed. The mite can live on the discarded clothes for couple of days. After contact, it takes about 6 weeks for the itching to start. The itching is more severe at night. Soon a rash appears on the body this rash is not seen on the face and is most prominent on the hands, the waist, and the abdomen and on the genitalia.
If you follow the unani herbal treatments, scabies is easily treatable.
leprosy:- This disease has always been associated with extreme social stigma since it is thought to be highly contagious and incurable. Both these motions are absolutely wrong & baseless. Bacteria cause leprosy, which is closely related to the germ of tuberculosis. It is the least contagious of all infections. If the treatment is taken early, It will be easily cured if how ever, the treatment is delayed, then deformities develop, and these can be corrected only with surgery.
The most important symptoms of leprosy are decreased sensation & the appearance of light coloured patches on the skin. The nerves might become painful. It the treatment is not taken at this stage, deformities might develop and these can be corrected only with surgery.
Unani herbalism advocates very effective medication for the successful treatment of leprosy.
Eczyma:- Eczema is a rough red oozy rash that comes in patches.
The fluid, Which has oozed then, dries up to form a hard scab. Because the area is itchy, it often gets scratched and may become infected.
Eczema can develop in a number of ways: -
1. Irritation of the skin can lead to eczema; the common causes are over exposure to water, soaps & detergents. Just about anyone can develop an irritant eczema, nut the problems is much more common in people with dry skin.

2. Allergic reactions to substances, which come in contact with the skin, can also result in eczema. This could result from contact with metals (jewellery) vegetables, plants & medicine.
3. Eczema can also result from eating certain foods or taking certain medicines. Almost any foodstuff can cause eczema, but the ones that most commonly cause problems are eggs & dairy products.
4. Inherited eczema or what the doctor would call “Atopic Eczema” is a problem seen most commonly in small children. The eczema tends to improve as the child grows up. It is less frequently seen in children who are breastfed close relatives of children who are suffering from atopic eczema may have asthma or skin problems. A few of these children may also develop asthma when they grow up.
Skin cancer:- There are a number of different types of skin cancer- some are very very slow growing & easily treatable, other spread rapidly and are difficult to treat.
Some facts about skin cancer: -
1. Skin cancer generally occurs either in areas, which are frequently injured (like the root), or on areas which are exposed to the sun (like the face).
2. Skin cancer is more common among the fair skinned and in those parts of the world where there is plenty of sunshine.
3. It may develop in burn scars, and in old wounds.
4. It can develop in areas of the skin exposed to extremes of temperature.
The treatment depends on the type of skin cancer and how much it has spread. The earlier the treatment is started, the greater is the complete recovery By unani herbals in skin cancer. Cancer can often be cured permanently with out any risk of reoccurrence.