Vagitot Cream

VAGITOT Cream is a proven therapy with a low-dose option that can help reverse the menopausal changes in the vagina that can cause bothersome symptoms, like vaginal dryness and painful sex.
VAGITOT Cream treats the underlying cause of these symptoms, and can restore the vaginal tissues that provide elasticity and lubrication.
Increase your partner’s sexual pleasures.
Enjoy sex better and reach orgasms more often.
It reduce vaginal infection.
It reduce vaginal itching.
Feel young and wanted again.
Enjoy a richer and more satisfying sex life.
Tighten the inner tissues and skin of the vagina.
Firm and tighten the vagina naturally at the same time to give more pleasure and comfort.
Contains estrogen helping to restore lubrication solving the problem of vaginal dryness.
Restoring the vagina suppleness.

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Big-B XL Capsule

• Increment of bust size from 30A to 32Bphysical attractiveness, evolutionary theory of female physical attractiveness.onverbal library on line:articles on attractiveness,beauty,physical attraction,asymmetry,averageness,
• Firmer and more toned breasts
from 34B to 34C
• Smoother and tighter breast skin
• Pinkish nipples and fairer breast skin
• Provides Natural Hormone Balance!
• All-Natural Herbal Product!
• Used By Thousands Of Women!
• Tightens and improves tone, firmness, & contours.
• Creates a “natural breast lift.
Physical attractiveness is important.
Good looking people are not only popular targets for romantic pursuits, they themselves also tend to flock together with more attractive others.
Beauty of the neck:- Usually neck is the most neglected part of the body. But a clean and healthy neck is as much important a part for an attractive personality,as a healthy charming face.
While taking bath neck should be scrubbed well. Some times neck looks darker than the face. It is therefore necessary to maintain the complexion of neck at par with the face.
Beauty of breast:- A buxom and full breast line is a symbol of feminine beauty. A female becomes aware of the beauty of her breast as soon as she steps out of here adolescence and attains youth. Although shapely breasts are gift of nature their maintenance is in your own hands.
Timely care since early adolescence, when a woman is in her formative years can help her in keeping the breast line attractive. A girl gets rapid body changes between twelve & fourteen years of age when breasts start showing. Between fourteen to eighteen they develop fully. However, sometimes growth is stunted due to hormonal imbalance, congenital defects or deficiency of nourishing diet. Use of shapely & tight brassieres in developmental years which advisable.
Breasts start sagging and loosing their tautness after delivery, or during long illness, pregnancy or because of irregular menstruation. Breasts require maximum attention after delivery. Breast feeding mothers have to take extra care. Breasts sag if the infant is suckled while sitting or reclining in a faulty posture. For example, sucking with the infant in lap or suckling lying down is harmful for breasts. Always suckle with sitting position with the child in lap and your hand under its head so as to lift it and keep its head steady. Press nipples immediately after suckling and remove the remaining milk with a couple of jerks.
This gives lightness & freshness to the breasts. This helps to prevent sagging.Some women have under developed breasts while some have too large breasts. Many married women have a peculiar problem with one breast being smaller than the other. It is because of suckling the child more on one side than the other. Even some unmarried women develop this trouble.
With our herbal unani treatment these disorders can be solved satisfactorily. So this is not a matter of concern. Some women trouble with heavy breasts. They dangle because of over weight and pain slightly. Do not go for synthetic cream, pills or oils for breast treatment. Weather it is under developed, heavy, sagging or uneven, herbal treatment is the best.
Beautiful back:- Usually women take care in beautifying their face with makeup and cosmetics, but a glance at their back proves disappointing, as if a beautiful picture is left incomplete. Since the back may expose because of the style of dress in vogue, it is essential to take care of it. Scrubbing and cleaning the back is not so easy, which results in accumulation of layers of dirt on the back, but some measures are to be evolved to clean it. Particularly women with oily skin suffer more because the skin gets black patches and rashes due to dirt. This part becomes itchy and when scratched, irritation increases and rashes spread, leaving permanent marks. Those suffering from dandruff in the hair, get it on the back also. It leaves blotches and since the area can not be reached easily for cleaning, the entire back becomes dark. Some women have hair growth on their back. Obesity causes appearance of extra flesh on both sides of your spine. Fitting blouses tighten it further exposing flabby sagging flesh, which looks ugly. So it is essential to treat this disorders.
Much of the appeal of your personality depends on your back.

Waistline beauty:-
A slim waistline between shapely hips and prominent breasts makes a woman highly appealing. This lends flexibility to her frame and grace to her gait. Hipbone of women is broader than of men. After child birth in particular one develops fattening tendency and the waist becomes flabby losing its natural beauty. Fried & greasy food should be avoided to keep a slim waist line. Unani herbalism helps to keep a beautiful waist.
Shapely hips & thighs:- You may have a beautiful face, but if your body is disproportionate, your personality will lose all its appeal. Usually, women have a tendency to put on fat on hips. Fat hips & flabby thighs spoil the gait. One becomes lethargic and the body looks ugly. Obesity gives rise to various ailments and ailments prevent one from taking exercises.The first signal of fatness comes when our hips become fat. First step is to avoid greasy & fried food. Do not drink water in the middle of your meal, e ither drink
it before or after meal. Take a walk after dinner. Going to bed or sitting immediately after meals is one of the causes of flabbiness, particularly of hips and stomach. Obesity can not be reduced over night. So one must be patient and take gradual measures.

Unani herbals are the best way to keep a shape of hips & thighs.

Charming arms:- The fashion of sleeveless blouses shirts, maxis & caftans requires extra attention to be paid to the beauty of arms which are exposed to the maximum. Slackness in maintaining shapely arms will result in diminishing the charm of your dress. All your efforts to look smart & modern will go waste.
Some of the sore points are – very fat arms, hairy forearms, and very thin & flabby arms. Like wise, shapelessness dryness and scragginess mar their beauty. Sleeveless dresses expose their ugliness, giving an bad impression of entire personality. Arms are important for your body and a couple of minutes spent in a day on looking after them can be worth while. You must ensure that you have arms, which are naturally balanced in shape. Unwanted hair on forearms should not be neglected. Hands are symbol of beauty as well as messengers of sentiments. Possibly, they are more important than the beauty of face. A beautiful face gives pleasure to the eyes but beautiful hands give pleasure of touch as also of sight. There are three things to keep hands beautiful: soft skin, shapely fingers & beautiful nails.
Shapely legs: - A perfect beauty is flawless from top to toe. Usually in our concept of beauty we pay more attention to face, hair, hands, dress & jewelery. Feet are often neglected. That is the reason why a well dressed woman tries to hide her feet. A little care of feet & legs along with simple exercises will save you from an embarrassing situation. You will feel self-assured. Some feet have a tendency to sweat profusely. They stink. Women often complain of swelling on feet, tiredness & itch. These disorders should be analyzed first and then treated accordingly. Correct choice of shoes or footwear is essential. For tight shoes or sandals leave knotty corns on the sole of feet, on toes & heels. While buying your shoes see to it that the design is comfortable & the leather is soft. Corns are painful & affect the gait. Moreover, walking barefoot during domestic chores leave the soles of feet dry and hard, giving rise to corns. To avert corns keep the feet clean. Corns become septic if not looked after well.