Vagitot Cream

VAGITOT Cream is a proven therapy with a low-dose option that can help reverse the menopausal changes in the vagina that can cause bothersome symptoms, like vaginal dryness and painful sex. VAGITOT Cream treats the underlying cause of these symptoms, and can restore the vaginal tissues that provide elasticity and lubrication.
Increase your partner’s sexual pleasures.
Enjoy sex better and reach orgasms more often.
It reduce vaginal infection.
It reduce vaginal itching.

Feel young and wanted again.
Enjoy a richer and more satisfying sex life.

Tighten the inner tissues and skin of the vagina.
Firm and tighten the vagina naturally at the same time to give more pleasure and comfort.
Contains estrogen helping to restore lubrication solving the problem of vaginal dryness.
Restoring the vagina suppleness.
As a small child grows, his weight increases- so the skin has to stretch to Accommodate this gradual, albeit massive increase in mass. At times especially when there is a spurt in the growth, the growth of the skin fails to cope up with the growth of the body, the stretch then forces the elastic fibers in the skin to rupture, resulting in stretch marks or striae. These marks can develop at any time of life.

There are two occasions when they are particularly likely to develop.

(1)During the adolescent growth spurt about half of all children develop stretch marks. Marks usually show up in parts of the body where the elastic fibers of the skin are put under the greatest stress. Varying in length, they are pink to start with & in variable fade to white scars as years
go by they finally become wrinkled and papery and are then barely perceptible. Adolescent boys usually develop striae on their backs, buttocks & abdomen while girls develop the marks on their breasts as well.
(2) Women also develop stretch marks on the tummy & breasts during pregnancy.
Though there is no certain way to prevent stretch marks from developing scores of preparations are available in the market. All claims to do just many of these contain exotic additives like collagen, vitamin ‘A’ allantoin. These creams are as good as or as bad as plain moisturizing creams in preventing stretch marks and nothing better. Gentle exercising of the abdominal muscles is suggested as a way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Wearing a good maternity bra can minimize stretch marks on the breasts.

Once the marks have developed, the most effective way to deal with them is by using UNANI herbal preparation.

Many patients want to know about the efficacy of surgery.
Surgery is definitely not advised, because the scars of surgery may eventually be more noticeable.
Applying herbal remedies is the best available solution to treat stretch marks.

Skin changes with age: -

As we grow older, several changes become apparent on the skin.
There is a patchy increase in the amount of pigment in the skin so eventually the skin appears blotchy.

Dead cells collect on the skin this result in dryness and roughness of the skin.The natural oil production is reduced adding to the dryness of the skin.The connective tissue beneath the skin loses its natural elasticity because the elastic fibers break down.In case of woman the breasts begin to sag, loose or shrink.
All these changes combined with the effects of the different environmental factors like the sun, winds & chemical, produce wrinkling of the skin. Smoking has often been mentioned as a reason for the early development of wrinkles.
This is probably because smokers tend to screw up their eyes against smoke and the wrinkles then develop along these lines. It is possible to slow down the process by natural healing.There are countless remedies available for wrinkles most of them are actually useless. The popular anti wrinkle creams are nothing but masking creams. They just camouflage wrinkles.
Vitamin ‘E’ enriched creams have been used extensively with doubtful effect. Special electric treatments & exorbitant rates though there seems to be little benefit from these and they any actually even harm the skin. Specials diets & anti wrinkle pills are also a waste of money. Vitamin supplements also do not help wrinkles.
Only UNANI herbals effectively remove wrinkles. This is widely & wisely used for more than a thousands years.