Herbal Remedies For Male Impotence

Natural Herbal Remedy for Impotence | ED Pill Erectile Dysfunction
Hashmi Hard Rock Capsule is a treatment for ‘Male Sexual Dysfunction’ such as:

  • Hard Rock Capsule (Rock Solid Performance)

  • Strengthens and Tones the Sexual Glands

  • Rejuvenation to increase vigor & stamina

  • Treatment for Male Sexual Dysfunction

  • Erectile Dysfunction; also known as failure of erection or impotence

  • Less output of semen

  • Poor ejaculation control

  • Short lasting erection

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Painful intercourse

  • Loss of sexual desire

  • * Non – Hormonal and safe sex-stimulant

  • * Acts on hypothalamus and limbic systems to improve libido

  • * Improves and helps to maintain erection

  • * Anti-stress, adaptogenic actions helps to alleviate anxiety associated with sexual performance

  • Dosage:: 2 Capsules 30 minutes before bedtime or sexual intercourse ( preferably to be taken with hot milk)
    The new millenium sun is rising brightly on the horizon, yet the people’s life all over the globe is sinking in the sea of despair & agony. Today’s way of fast life styles brought more stress, depression and many unexplained ailments to mankind.Modern medical science with its tremendous advances is unable to answer the uncure.
    Yet unani herbalism with its long years of existence, enlargement & experience has come up with wonderful formulations to give permanent solutions to disorders which are incurable by allopathy such as erectile dysfunction
    or impotency.
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    Impotency is the inability to perform the sexual act. In other words impotency or erectile dysfunction is the condition in which the male organ does not have the proper erection to have a satisfying sexual act (intercourse). The person loses his retention power or gets discharged without any satisfaction for him or his partner. Sometimes the penis loses the capacity of erection. It may be partial or complete, temporary or permanent. All most all men sometime or other experience erectile dysfunction. Even people with normal sexual appetite can psychologically turn themselves off with overwhelming problems.
    And lack of desire can strike anyone at any time and can be caused by just anything.
    In a society with an orthodoxical mindset that is obsessed with sexual fitness, any inability to perform sexual acts induces feelings of despair, frustration, guilt and shame. These men labeled as impotent and are looked down as weak, powerless, lesser human beings.
    A prolonged or continuous erectile dysfunction can often points to an underlying medical disorder and it needs an urgent medical advice & treatment, otherwise it will destroy one’s happy life, create rifts and tensions in the relationship between married people, leading conflicts and emotional pain thus paving way to end their lives by committing suicide.
    Impotence - Symptoms and Signs from hashmi.com | Health Care
    While treating impotency/erectile dysfunction, modern medical science revolves around certain cited reasons only. Unani herbalism furthers goes deep into the life’s behavior patterns and many other attributes. Unlike other medical systems unani practitioners compelled by risking their life to study and evolve effective treatment for impotency. Pages of history reveal that in ancient times, rulers, Nawabs, Maharajas kept number of unani physician in their personal service to rejuvenate their body system & sexual appetite to cope & fulfill the desires of their many wives & mistresses. In those days if the whims & fancies of the rulers were not fulfilled then it was certain death.
    This compelled, unani practitioner by their thousand years of hard research evolved very effective medicines for the treatment of impotency and these medicinal methods and formulations had been passed from generation to generation. Present day pioneers of unani have further developed the traditional treatments and formulated very effective & safe remedies for sexual dysfunction, to the benefit of common man in order to enjoy life.
    According to Hakeem Hashmi no body is too old for treatment and to enjoy the god given pleasures of life. With the help of unani therapy even older Nawabs, sultans & maharajas married to young girl to demonstrate their vigor and vitality in ancient times.
    Our Hakeem’s contribution for suffering from impotency is a course of treatment consists of rare Bhasmas, Rasayans & Herbo-mineral combinations. It was proven effective in India & abroad in innumerable cases, resulting in complete return to normalcy. Once strong erections restored, they are almost, always long termed and there is no negative side effects.
    Ingredients Quantity
    Withania Somnifera 100 mg
    Tribulus terrestris 100 mg
    Mucuna pruriens 100 mg
    Orchis mascula 100 mg
    Asphaltum 50 mg
    Hygrophila spinosa 50 mg
    Myristica fragrans 25 mg
    Quercus incana 25 mg
    Natural Herbal Remedy for Impotence | ED Capsule Erectile Dysfunction
    How often I should take Hard Rock?
    A – Take regularly for maximum benefits. An additional dose about half an hour before an event will help to increase desire, strengthen erections and improve stamina. Any Ayurvedic product requires time to give you benefit. The herbs used in Hard Rock are time tested and well trusted but you require continuous supplements so that reproductive organs and system get boosted properly. Hard Rock requires to get penetrated deep into the reproductive cells to rejuvenate and nourish them. Giving proper time to the product, you will be benefited with highest gains.
    How long will it take to get me results?
    A – That solely depends upon the individual. Our body structures are same but it works differently on different stages of the problem. However, generally, if you do course for 4-8 weeks, Hard Rock can help you to solve your sexual problems and to make your sex-life better than ever before.
    I have weak erection and PE. I also feel dull after having sexual play. Will Hard Rock help me overcoming the situation?
    A – Certainly yes! The formula of Hard Rock has been designed in such a way that it helps to solve maximum sexual related problems and also provides support to delay your orgasm offering you more time to feel heavenly experience.
    I have heard that most of the libido enhancer drugs increase blood pressure and have side effects. I am afraid. What about Hard Rock?
    A – There is no evidence of any side effects of our prime product – Hard Rock (though we have sold out countless bottles!) never raise blood pressure. Do not worry, it will not increase your blood pressure and there is no evidence indicating its harmful or unwanted effects.If that is the case with you, we advice you to take a very low dosage and also take it on alternative days. Hard Rock is a herbal product that contains just potent herbs.

    Does Regular use of Hard Rock Capsule help to keep up sexual appetite even in elderly persons?

    Hard Rock Capsules offers extraordinary energy to its taker to the full brink of their satisfaction and extreme pleasure. The time-tested herbs and minerals present in Hard Rock Capsules neither restrain the production of sperm nor do they stimulate any sort of cancerous growth.
    What is Hard Rock ?
    Hard Rock is a clinically proven herbal Capsule and remedy for Erectile Dysfunction .
    Is Hard Rock a safe Capsule?
    Hard Rock Capsule is risk free and contain no side effects. It has emerged to be the best non-prescription formula for controlling erectile dysfunction.
    What is the recommended dosage for Hard Rock?
    Take just 1 to 2 Hard Rock Capsules 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. You can take a maximum of 2 in one time.
    How will Hard Rock work in men?
    Hard Rock helps in dilating blood vessels and increasing blood pressure. Increase more blood flow through the penis promotes a strong and firm penis.
    Shipping and Delivery Information
    Which places do you ship the products to?
    We ship worldwide.
    Where will you ship Hard Rock Capsules from?
    We ship our products from India. It hardly takes 10 to 15 days for worldwide.
    How will you ship Hard Rock?
    We always aim for offering the best customer service by delivering the product to the customers at the right time.
    How will I receive the Hard Rock Capsules?
    Hard Rock Capsules will be available to you in bottles that will be discreetly packed. The packing will be done in such a way that it can ensure you 100% safety.
    Refund Policy Information
    What is refund policy?
    We sell our products with a 100% money back guarantee. If, in the unlikely event, you are unhappy with the purchase or performance of our products, return them within 60 days for a full refund of the product price (minus shipping fees).
    Which credit cards do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards.
    Is my credit card information safe and secure?
    Yes, Our payment form is 128 BIT encrypted and provides 100% safety to you.
    How will you refund my money back?
    If, in the unlikely event, you are unsatisfied with the product, E-mail or call us on our number and we will be happy to assist you.
    Hard Rock Capsule (Rock Solid Performance)
    About four months ago I bought a 3-month supply of Hard Rock Power Enhancer Capsule because I felt that my partner was not happy with my performance. When I read on your website that Hard Rock Enhancer capsules expand, lengthen and enlarge your penis I thought it was great. But these Capsule do A LOT more than that. I can last for hours now, actually giving my wife multiple orgasms and it feels so good. My sex life has never been better and I’m going to keep buying Hard Rock Enhancer capsules because it really does work.
    Malik ,Malesiya
    I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude for the fast delivery of my order and to let you know that the product is working even better than I expected. I have been taking Hard Rock capsule for the past 4 weeks and I already feel a tremendous impact on my system till now, I had been taking 56 capsule, but once of Hard Rock is in your system, it is just as effective — minus all the worries about side effects. It is a lot more convenient. My sex life has never been the same (you should talk to my wife — she said she will email you too). I also have a LOT more energy throughout the day, I don’t stress over little annoying things every day and overall I am just so much happier. Those lucky Peruvians have been taking this for centuries, how come they didn’t let us know earlier! So once more, thank you sincerely for making this product available.
    Mukul Agrawal, India
    The recent article in a news paper provoked my interest in this product. I was amazed at how much research has been done that supports of Hard Rock amazing benefits. So of course, I made a sample purchase from your site, as well as from a couple of others. I tried of Hard Rock capsule for 10 days , then different ones after that. Nothing worked nearly as well as yours! I am sorry for even doubting you at first. Congrats on the best Harder Erections Capsules
    Ashwin Johnston, Los Angeles, CA
    I have been using of Hard Rock capsule for about two months now, and I have already noticed an increase in size and energy plus harder and more frequent erections during the day and night. Not to mention my concentration level and overall mood. I used to think I was a manic depressant; I even tried exercises as recommended by doctors, but it didn’t work. My fiancee did not turn me on all the time either. Now it has all changed, thanks to of Hard Rock capsule. She does not complain anymore. In fact, she is taking it now as well. Sincerely yours, George W Argentina
    A couple of years back was when I first tried of Hard Rock I had just gotten married. I tried a different version of of Hard Rock capsule than yours, don’t really remember the name, but I do remember I didn’t notice any difference at all. Then, just few weeks ago, a friend who was using of Hard Rock capsule suggested give it a try. Due to my past experiences, I was not expecting much. WOW was all I could say! I felt so positive and alive, and this feeling extended to the sexual, social and physical departments. I wonder if it’s only of Hard Rock capsule you have in there – but now i know it’s all the other ingredient plus the of Hard Rock capsule.
    Purchase HARD ROCK Capsule with Confidence. Based on Scientific Clinical Research, it’s 100% Guaranteed to Work.