“The three major impotence causes”:-

physical, psychological and lifestyle…

A great deal of confusion and misinformation exists about impotence causes.

Impotence causes fall into three main categories: physical factors, psychological factors and lifestyle factors.
Many believe that impotence is a reflection of their sexual ability and virility and these beliefs often lead to loss of self-esteem and depression.This prompts the belief that psychological factors are one of the primary causes of impotence.
However, more than 80% of men have underlying physical rather than psychological impotence causes.
Impotence (or erectile dysfunction) is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse, and includes the inability to get an erection as a result of sexual stimulation or to lose your erection prior to ejaculation.
Male impotence does not generally include other symptoms such as lack of libido, inability to ejaculate or the inability to achieve orgasm.We’ve included an overview of the three main factors that lead to male impotence, with links to each of the major impotence causes.
An older theory held that 80% of impotency problems, which are very common, were rooted in psychological inhibition & fears which could respond to sex therapy & counseling. However, modern research has lowered this figure & estimates that up to 50% are due to physical causes ranging from inadequate blood flow to the penis, diabetes, neuralgic defects & hormonal problems. Further recent clinical studies show that up to 80% of erectile dysfunction cases are due to physical reasons.

Occupational hazards: -
certain occupational hazards affect fertility by upsetting the hormonal balance, thereby suppressing sperm production, and resulting impotence. Working in places of excessive heat and with dangerous chemicals that have an adverse impact on sexual functions & fertility which include heavy metals, like lead, nickel & mercury; insecticides; petrochemicals; pesticides; benzene; xylene; anesthetic gases & X-rays.

Duct blocking: -
If the passage (reproductive tract) between the penis and testes is blocked,
there will be no sperm in the semen.
Penis Enlargement Surgery, Sore penis, symptoms, signs, causes, causes of Sore penis, diagnosis, Sore penis causes, diseases Blockages can be caused by infection (due to gonorrhoea, chlamydia, filariasis or TB) or by surgery done earlier to repair hernias or hydroceles.
This situation also creates erectile dysfunction.
Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction or impotence include -

* Stress & anxiety from work or home
* Worry about poor sexual performance
* Unresolved sexual orientation
* Depression
* Emotional trauma.