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Hakeem Hashmi attributes the loss of hair and faster aging, in this part of the world (middle east Gulf Area) to the use of desalinated sea water & the high rate of ‘Mica’ element in the air which acts like a “blade” when applied with all kind of shampoos. Hakeem Hashmi suggests the use of fresh milk mixed with egg, before the hair is washed, away of reducing the damaging effect of salt & mica. We specially formulated shampoos to reduce this problem.
Similarly, the faster aging process largely to women, is whether at home, in car and or in super markets, being usually in air-conditioned atmosphere due to exposure to temperatures “this takes away the moisture from the skin”. Synthetic beauty products can not help women in this case, but ones do.
Skin & hair are external barometers of the internal body conditions.
Hakeem Hashmi cautions Arab women against being carried away by westerns beauty preparations made of synthetic articles which are quite different to the climatic conditions of Arab countries. He advises women to rely more on herbal remedies and cures make more efficient by incorporating the latest advancement in beauty science. Application of general synthetic beauty products can not help such women unless each skin is diagnosed carefully classified and then treated according of its individual requirement with natural cures. Skin & hair are external barometers of the internal body conditions. Synthetic cosmetics are made for western women & suit women with pale skins. They do more harms than good for Arab & Asian women. We provide the centuries old home remedies, hand over to Indian women from their grandmothers and applied modern science to create cosmetics that appeal to women on the go.
Our preparation is a combination of the right herbs, which help, in skin care, moisturizing the skin while protecting texture.
And firms the skin & works as an anti wrinkling agents.
Most remedies of unani health care can be prepared in your kitchen.
And are as effective
as any cosmetic in the market. Our remedies originated in the kitchens of Mughal homes. Most ingredients in herbal treatment can be found in most homes’ cucumber, lemon, milk, honey, eggs & yogurt for quick cleanser moisturizers & skin softeners.
To protect skin from the harsh sun in the gulf, Hakeem Hashmi advises women to use “cooled cucumber juice” after returning home in the evening. Raw potato juice is also effective for tired eyes & dark circles under the eyes he recommends teabags. If you place used tea bags over tired eyed & relax for 10 minutes, you will not only look good but also feel better. Potato slices also have the same effects.
Gulf climate
ruins the complexion.
Women in gulf age faster than those of the same age in other parts of the worlds. The skin begins to sag and lose texture due to constant exposure to extremes hot conditions our doors & dry cool air in doors.
Skin moisture dries up in air condition air resulting in wrinkles & premature aging. Hakeem Hashmi recommends a “protective film” before splashing water on your face or body. Contact with water aggravates the loss of skin moisture. A common complaint in the gulf heard from men & women is the loss of hair. “Hair loss, brittle hair & split ends are common, mainly due to high water salinity & the excessive use of chlorine.We prepare beauty treatment applications that suit the skin types of women in the west, far east & the middle east. For the desert climate we provide a special facial treatment which would not only protect the skin but energies it.
This effectively combats the harmful effects of the hot & humid desert climate.
In the gulf area, the women suffer mainly from dry flaky scalps, rashes, in the hairline, pigmentation problems, pregnancy stretch marks & acne and Alopecia or bald patches on the head.
Both sexes suffer equally from this distressing syndrome. We usually recommend three different kind of cosmetics & treatments. One for the protections of skins of the west another for the resilient Indian skins and then for the desert conditions which contain 40% higher moisture value.

We hope our special focus and due attention on your problems will help you to overcome the disabilities / disorders.