Hashmi’s Commander Hair Powder:

Contains Henna, Hirda, Behada, Amalaki, Magic Nut, Bhringaraj, Rosary Pea, Sweet Flag, Cashmere Tree and Mandoor (Mineral). Gives firmness to the hair
root. Promotes healthy hair growth, stops excessive hair fall. Fights bacterial infection. Helps preserve natural hair colour. Henna acts as conditioner (does not colour the hair)
How to use :
Mix with water or oil to make a paste. Massage gently into scalp. Wrap a towel, moistened with hot water, on your head. This will open up Hair care, hair care, healthy haircare, healthy hair, herbal haircarepores and enhance penetration to hair follicle. Keep towel for 15 minutes and the paste for one hour. Wash off. Use daily or at least twice a week. Initially dead hair will fall. Do not worry. Regular use will promote healthy hair growth.
Most people want their hair silky and shiny. No matter what the type of hair they have, be it straight, curly, long, short, oily, dry, thin or thick all want their hair to look good and manageable.
Growth of hair, their glows luster and health is governed by the internal system of our body. Proper care is essential for healthy hair. Skin of the scalp which, is usually covered by hair has deep-rooted hair. At the root of each hair there is a tiny bag known as papilla.
Papilla provides nourishment to each hair. If one hair falls or leaves its root, papilla provides nourishment for the growth of another hair in its place. The quality of your hair depends upon your general health. Protein rich diet, with profuse use of fruits & fresh vegetables is good for beautiful & healthy hair. Premature graying or falling of hair signifies some deficiency in the body. Polluted atmosphere, scorching heat, sultry climate affect the beauty of hair adversely. Likewise, tension, anxiety, grief, disease, frustration, brooding are also harmful.
Hair are of three types dry, oily and normal and every hair has its own life span. After completing it, it falls and new hair sprouts in its place. The life span is between two to six years and the rate of growth is half an inch in six months. Combing & brushing ensure healthy hair. Very few of us know that there is a hair tonic hidden at the root of each hair.
Scalp glands are always secreting oil at the roots.
This oil gives gloss to the hair and an amazing amount of softness is ensured. But, because of our ignorance we let this grease dry at the roots of hair and do not let it spread.
Brushing is useful in spreading this nourishing grease all over the hair.
Unani herbals activate the growth, and maintain a glowing, lustrous beautiful hair.
Dandruff: -

Dandruff is an enemy of the hair. It weakens the roots. Consequently, hair starts falling off. This is a kind of contagious disease. Dandruff sticks on the skin of the scalp in a cake form and block free flow of air to the hair roots. As a result, hair become weak at the roots and loosens their hold. Using the comb, soap or brush of a man suffering from dandruff is dangerous, as it is contagious.
What is dandruff ?
The cells underneath our skin are constantly undergoing changes. The dead cells fall on the skin, which are known as dandruff.
Dandruff is of two kinds dry and oily. Dry dandruff causes itch, while oily dandruff remains sticking to the scalp.
Using chemical or synthetic oriented medicines; soaps or shampoos to cure dandruff problem will further damage your hair.
So it is beneficial to use herbal products to get rid of dandruff.
Lice: -
A lock of curly, black and long hair is a symbol of health & beauty. It is every woman’s ardent desire to have such a hair, which could be the envy of others. But hair care is a constant process and one cannot afford to be slack and any slackness in cleanliness breeds lice. A ‘louse’ is a wingless parasitic insect with six claws like feet. It is gray in colour but it turns brownish after sucking blood, which it does with two small trunks like whiskers. A louse egg hatches in nine days and with in a fortnight the young ones attain maturity. Long hair is more prone to lice infestation. The back portion of the head itches when infested with lice. Itch causes abrasion of the scalp skin. Avoid using towels, soap or comb of a person having lice. Do not apply chemical oriented stuff to remove lice, natural medication is the best way.
To shampoo is to wash, cleanse or remove all dirt or other impurities from the scalp and hair by the process of shampooing. The selection of the shampoo should depend upon the hair type.
Falling hair: -
Falling hair is one of the greatest problems these days. Usually, we have hundreds of thousands of hair and a falling of old hair to make place for the sprouting of new ones is a natural cycle. So it is not quiet serious if ten to twenty hair choose to fall daily. But, when hair come out as locks and start thinning, it is a matter of concern.
There are three stages for the falling of hair-normal falling, chronic baldness and temporary baldness:-
Normal falling of hair: -
In this condition, falling of hair starts gradually. Within in a couple of days it becomes so rapid that lock of hair start coming out with the comb. This is chronic to women and can be assigned to one of the following condition: -
* During pregnancy
* After delivery
* Because of suckling the infant
* As reaction to medicine
* Because of high fever (typhoid, flu, malaria etc.`)

When hair start falling suddenly without the above causes, try to find out the reasons and start treatment accordingly. Here we help you solve your problem. Our herbal products will stop hair falling completely.
Temporary baldness: -Temporary baldness or ‘alopecia’ is on the increase among women these days. Hair-fall in bunches leaving bald patches on the scalp. These patches are small in the initial stages but soon becomes large. Any delay in treatment results in big bald patches. But with timely and proper treatment new hair start sprouting. Temporary baldness is not a skin disease not is it contagious. It’s causes can be assigned in the following:
* Continuous mental tension
* Mental shock
* Anaemia or deficiency of vitamins
* Debility of the nervous system

Unani herbal treatment is considered the best & safe for curing this disorder.
Permanent baldness: -
Rapid falling of hair is followed by baldness and if it is not treated in time, it turns into permanent baldness.
Some of its causes are: -
* Working or staying in a hot area
* Hereditary baldness occurring in family
* Sedentary (cerebral) work
* Burns or injury on the scalp
* Exposure to X-ray for long
* Tying hair tightly at night

Permanent baldness result when roots of the hair become weak and the hair-growing faculty of the cells are dead. A good physician should be consulted prior to treatment and here also we help you to get good advice & provide with effective medicine, which covers no ill effects on your body or health.