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If obesity is disliked by all those who are figure conscious then the extremely thin people equally dislike being thin. Such people wish to put on weight. It is a fact that anything that is either in excess or deficient cause disease if left uncontrolled.
While obesity causes diseases of vital organs of the body which are degenerative & crippling in origin, emaciation also causes infectious & febrile diseases.
That is why someone rightly said, “life is full of extremes & contrast”. Two of mankind’s most pressing problems seem to be how to keep half the population from starving & the other half from being overweight.
Thinness or emaciation is the condition when there is weight loss, either gradually or suddenly. Active illnesses, as in any fever like typhoid, measles make one thinner. In such cases, once complete cure of the disease takes place and if there is return to normal eating habits & activities, the lost weight is usually regained.
There are three types of people who are extremely thin.

1. Those who eat well & stay thin.
2. Those who cannot digest whatever they eat and in spite of a good living because of illness or deficiencies & remain thin.
3. Those who are undernourished & over worked.
emaciation, emaciation anorexia nervosa thin eating disorder fear of fat imbalanceFirst Type:- Some children are born thin inheriting their parent’s physical built. This can, however, not be taken as a rule as a some times, we
can even see very thin children born to stout parents.
If the child has a good appetite and is also quite active, he/she may remain lean & healthy inspire of being overfed.
Some children eat all the time but they never sit still for a minute. They mostly play outdoor games like cricket, badminton & other games that involve constant running. Even at home they are never seen idle. In such cases whatever the child consumes, gets converted into energy because of his over activeness. This type of thinness, there fore, need not be cause for worry at all.
Second type:- In very young children, sometimes there are severe deficiencies like vitamin etc. sometimes they fall sick very often or suffer from some progressive illness, physical or mental and keep on losing weight steadily. No amount of tonics and special food can make them gain weight.
The resultant low resistance of the body invites diseases leading to emaciation. Some people suffering from progressive illness or chronic disorders fail to gain weight inspite of rest & good food. In adults- when there is severe anemia caused by worms, especially hood worms, emaciation is inevitable. Any attempt to make them gain weight will not be successful without expelling the worms.
A unani herbal treatment through natural methods can bring almost a complete cure & general improvement in the condition of the sufferer & slowly weight gain can be achieved.
In some young children great appetite is seen where in they eat like grown ups, which may seen to be abnormal. The quantity of the stools they pass will also be found to be above normal in such cases. But in spite of this, they keep losing weight & remain extremely thin. In such children, the main cause for thinness & fatigue is that their intestines are infested with worms. Unless the worms are eliminated such children will remain weak & thin.emaciation, emaciation anorexia nervosa thin eating disorder fear of fat imbalance
Third Type:- Poor eating habits or eating food that lack nutrition combined with hard work beyond the enduring capacity of the body results in thinness. When thin people lack good health or suffer from diseases which makes them lose weight, they experience exhaustion, weakness in their limbs, lack of appetite (in some cases due to poor digestion) desire to lie down or sleep all the time or the other extreme of wakefulness and insomnia, head ache, giddiness, etc. the physical & mental fatigue which they feel causes them to have lack of interest in any activity. They tire out very soon. Walking & ascending stairs induces violent palpitation of their heart.
Herbal treatments are the only solution to solve the problems of thinness.